Auto Accident Lawyer

Each year in the State of South Carolina thousands of people are injured or killed in various type of auto accidents, from car crashes to SUV rollovers.

Each year auto accidents are the most popular cause of personal injury claims, and whether you were the driver or passenger in a car accident, truck accident,motorcycle accident or even if you are a pedestrian involved in a traffic accident in South Carolina, you could be entitled to compensation for pain, suffering and injury caused by a road traffic accident that was not your fault.

Whatever type of injury you have sustained from a motor vehicle accident car accident that was not your fault, and however small or insignificant you think your injuries may be, the attorneys at Clekis Law recommend that you first seek medical advices, and immediately contact a qualified South Carolina auto accident lawyer.

Time and again when people delay diagnosis or treatment, they are hurting their chances of a successful claim and or worst yet could become ineligible to file for compensation against the person responsible for your injuries and loss.

We’re Paid Only If You Collect
Our Policy: If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, we would like to help you. You can see us for free. In fact, we’re paid our fee and we recover expenses only if we collect money for you on your claim. Fees will be calculated before deducting the expenses advanced on behalf of the client.

For a free confidential consultation and information on how a personal injury lawyer at the Clekis Law Firm can put over 40 years of combined experience to work for you, please contact us.