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Personal Injury Lawyer | Walking is a healthy way to get around, but unfortunately, pedestrian injuries are all too common. In fact, pedestrians are more likely to be injured by a car accident than passengers in a vehicle. Poor weather conditions, reckless driving, and unsafe road conditions can all lead to accidents that injure pedestrians. Fortunately, by following some pedestrian safety tips, you can greatly reduce your chance of being injured when out for a stroll.
Here are some road safety tips that will keep you safe while walking.

Stay Aware

Many injuries are caused when people do not pay attention to their surroundings. When walking, you should always be looking and listening to what’s happening around you. Although it may sound silly, looking both ways when crossing the street is one of the most effective ways to stay safe. Make sure cars come to a complete stop before crossing the street. As well, keep your phone in your pocket and your headphones out of your ears when walking. Texting can distract you from danger, while listening to music can make it hard to hear an approaching car or honking horn.

Wear Proper Clothing

During nighttime or rain and snow storms, visibility can be impeded. Drivers may not see you while you’re walking. One way to help keep yourself safe is to wear bright clothing that helps you stand out. At nighttime, you may even want to wear some reflective clothing to make sure you’re visible. A reflective jacket, hat, or pair of shoes can keep you safe. Wearing dark colours will make you blend into your surroundings and the dark, making it more likely for you to be hit.

Obey the Law

Many pedestrians do not follow the rules of the road, and some do not even know what they are. Traffic laws are put in place to protect you from danger. You should always cross at crosswalks, never cross on a red light or “Don’t Walk” signal, and wait for the next light when a countdown crosswalk timer has begun. As well, if there is a sidewalk, stay on it and do not walk on the road.

Follow Crosswalk Etiquette

One way to avoid having to call a personal injury lawyer is to follow basic crosswalk etiquette. Along with looking both ways before crossing, you should wait until all cars have stopped. If there is an overhead crossing light, you have to push the button to activate it before crossing. If there isn’t, extending your arm in the direction you’re crossing is a good way to indicate your intention. When you do cross, don’t linger in the crosswalk. Move at a steady pace across, making sure to be out of the crosswalk before the light changes. However, never run in a crosswalk; this is actually more dangerous, as you could run right in front of a moving car.

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